Mary Duckett Veldt

By David Veldt | In Family
Mary Duckett VeldtFemale View treeBorn:
Father: UnspecifiedMother: Unspecified
Children: none
Siblings: none

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  • Cyndi Duckett Niva
    March 10, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    Hello Mary,
    My father was your half brother, Ira Thomas Duckett. I have seen your picture and heard about you from my mother (Janet) and my father. I remember when they met you at the Duckett family reunion years ago, and told me all about the Ducketts. I wish I would have been able to go to meet the Duckett family. The only other Duckett I have met besides my immediate family was Douglas Duckett, he stopped by my parents house a very long time ago. Someday maybe we can meet, even if it is for lunch, I don’t know what I would say, just to see someone related to my Dad would be awesome. My Dad passed away this past October, he was 87. He was an awesome person, and very good father. My parents were married one week short of 60 years. I am 57 and very lucky to have had my Dad for that long. He was a happy soul, a very quiet man that loved his family very much. It would be nice to meet you someday.

    Sincerely, Cyndi Niva

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